2021 Spring Lawn Care Checklist

As the weather warms up and your lawn starts to come alive, there’s plenty to do to make sure it gets a strong start. Proper spring lawn care will ensure you have a lush, green lawn each summer and minimize the work you need to do during the year to keep it healthy. At TurfPride Lawncare, we provide the best lawn care Atlanta has to offer. Here are a few tips to get you started on how to take care of your lawn in the spring.


Turf Type Matters:

Understanding whether you have warm-season grasses such as Zoysia or Bermuda or cool-season grass such as Fescue is critical to know the right maintenance tasks you’ll need to perform and the best timing for those tasks. Warm-season grasses start growing shortly after spring and hit their full growth potential in the middle of summer. Cool-season grasses, on the other hand, increase in the spring and the fall. They can struggle and go dormant in the summer heat, so you should focus your spring maintenance on strengthening the lawn to handle the summer heat.


Yard Cleaning:

Once you decide which shrubs you want to plant, make sure you know what time the best time to plant them is. For most shrubs, fall is the best time to plant. However, double-check regarding the variety of shrubs that you have chosen.


Weed Control:

Just like your house, your yard requires spring cleaning. Take some time to walk through your yard and get rid of dead leaves and twigs. You also want to rake up any dead grass to give your lawn a fresh start.


Seed or Sod Where Needed:

As you do your yard work, keep an eye out for any bare spots. Note the bare spots and plan whether you’d prefer to reseed them or fill them with sod plugs. If you have warm-season grass, you’ll want to do this later in spring when it’s warmer to maximize growth in the hot summer months. If you have cool-season grass, your best bet is early in the spring, before the hotter weather slows your grass’s growth. Turfpride Lawncare does not offer sod service. However, we are there once your sod is installed to provide direction on fertilization and overseeding your new turf.



Remember to have Turfpride Lawncare fertilize your lawn only when the grass is actively growing. Before applying fertilizer, have your soil tested to know what type of fertilizer your lawn needs and how much to use. Applying too much fertilizer or using the wrong one can also do more harm than good; so hiring a reputable company like Turfpride can ensure accurate fertilization.


Mowing and Watering:

Warm-season and cool-season grasses again have their own schedules here. For warm-season grasses, heavier mowing will occur in late spring as the grass enters the peak-growing season. You’ll want to make sure your lawn is getting at least an inch of water per week to support its growth during this time. For cool-season grasses, most of the mowing will take place in the cooler early months of spring. You won’t need to water the lawn anymore until early summer, except in the case of a drought. While Turfpride Lawncare doesn’t offer Mowing services, we do advise up with routine lawn maintenance to help your lawncare program flourish.

Are you looking for an award-winning lawn care company that can help you take care of your lawn in the spring and throughout the year? TurfPride Lawncare offers the best lawn care in Atlanta. Trust our highly skilled employees for complete lawn care services in Atlanta, GA. Call us today at 770-590-7200 for a free estimate.