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I do not know what is wrong with my lawn, but I do not like how it looks. Can TurfPride Lawncare help me?

Yes! TurfPride Lawncare’s local lawn care service professionals will begin by performing a FREE evaluation to gauge the current condition of your lawn and landscape, as well as which services could help maintain and improve them. Our lawn care specialists will help determine what is wrong with your lawn and what services could help improve the overall health.

What Services are offered by TurfPride Lawncare?

TurfPride offers a full range of services for lawns, trees, and shrubs that help maintain and improve your lawn’s overall appearance and health.

  • Our Signature Lawncare service provide fertilization for your lawn as well as weed control for lawn and ornamental beds.
  • Our Signature Tree and Shrub program provides protection from insects and a deep root fertilization for trees and shrubs.
  • We offer spring core aeration for Bermuda and zoysia lawns and aeration and overseeding for fescue lawns in the fall.
  • Pre-emergent weed control is a key service to prevent weeds from getting a foothold in your lawn.
  • Preventative disease control keeps disease from destroying your lawn and we also provide curative treatments to restore a lawn impacted by disease.
  • We also offer lawn pest control. Our perimeter pest service will keep insects such as ticks, grub worms, army worms and ants outside your home and out of your lawn.

What results can I expect after I use TurfPride Lawncare?

Your lawn service program is designed to deliver nutrients and weed control that produces optimal agronomic effectiveness, giving you a lush, thick and green lawn. Each visit includes notes from the service technician about any problems or concerns as well as tips for mowing, watering, and pruning to help your landscape and lawn stay healthy.

What if there are still problems following a visit from TurfPride Lawncare?

TurfPride Lawncare guarantees our Signature Lawncare services.

If any of our applications of lawn care fail to achieve results that are satisfactory, just let us know. We will send out a service manager to determine what is happening with the lawn and reapply the application as needed.

How many times does TurfPride Lawncare have to visit to make sure my lawn and my trees stay healthy and my home stays pest-free?

Our signature Lawncare Program and Signature Tree and Shrub program include eight applications. These are typically scheduled 4 to 6 weeks apart for maximum impact.

Why is it necessary to keep my lawn well-maintained and healthy?

Mowing regularly will also help maintain both appearance and health of the lawn. In general, the more often you mow your lawn, the better. Each turf type has an optimal height for growth conditions and appearance. Season of the year, rainfall and temperature create growing conditions that impact the number of mowing times required.

Does TurfPride Lawncare offer lawn maintenance services such as mowing or mulching?

TurfPride Lawncare does not offer lawn maintenance services.

Does TurfPride Lawncare use dry granular or liquid materials?

TurfPride Lawncare uses both dry granular and liquid to create the lawn quality you desire. The materials used depend upon the lawn conditions, season and results required.

Is TurfPride Lawncare owned locally or is the company a nationwide chain?

TurfPride Lawncare is a family- owned and locally-operated business serving the Atlanta area for 20+ years from their headquarters in Kennesaw, Georgia. The TurfPride program is based on the owner’s successful agronomic background and a career built in agronomic and horticultural chemical businesses. The owner is also a board member of the Georgia Urban Agriculture Council. Lawn care programs are customized for local growing conditions and seasonal variables using the consultation of local and national experts to incorporate new findings and products as the become available.

Why should I use a professional lawn care company?

Your lawn is more than a place for relaxation and entertainment. It is an investment that raises your home’s value.

When you choose TurfPride Lawncare to take care of your lawn, you receive expertise and services. TurfPride Lawncare’s local experts know about more than simply grass, pests and trees – they know how a yard in your particular area performs and what threats it faces. As you can see from our TurfPride Lawncare FAQ, if you have a lawn care question, we can answer it at TurfPride Lawncare.

Selecting a TurfPride Lawncare will give you confidence that your lawn is in good hands. And while TurfPride Lawncare takes good care of your lawn, you will gain free time to enjoy your lawn.

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