3 Tips for Defending Your Lawn Against Summertime Pests

Many homeowners focus on keeping their lawns lush and green all summer, but pests are another issue that can pop up during the warm seasons. Are you looking for tips to help stop these unwanted guests from turning your yard into their home? If so, you’ve come to the right place. These are three tips for defending your lawn against summertime pests.

Eliminate Rotting Wood

Ants and termites LOVE rotting wood because they live in it and eat it. You can find them hanging out in old fences, pieces of firewood, rotting deck parts, a decaying shed, or a rotting stump. Remove all rotting wood from your property to ensure the termites and ants aren’t playing house in your yard.

Ensure you replace decaying pieces of a shed, patio, or deck to keep the pests from damaging the rest of the structure. Store your firewood properly during the summer to stop the insects from attacking it. A deck box is one option. Ensure the wood is completely dry first. The lid on the box will keep it safe from rain and storms.

Prevent Standing Water

Mosquitos are among the most annoying pests individuals encounter during the summer. If you’re tired of these pesky insects feasting on your blood, eliminate any standing water in your yard. Female mosquitos lay their eggs in water, so things like stagnant puddles and buckets can become breeding grounds for them.

Ensure you dump water from buckets, kiddie pools, and flower pots daily. Keep the gutters and downspouts working properly to stop water from collecting. Change the water in your bird bath every other day. The key to this is consistency. Don’t stop because you’re noticing a difference. Use the mosquito-free yard as motivation to keep going.

Keep Your Yard Debris Free

Clearing out the debris has two benefits:

  • Your yard looks clean.
  • You won’t attract pests to your lawn.

Ghost and carpenter ants love to find shelter under wet sticks and leaves because they stay safe and wet. Rake up all the leaves, twigs, branches, and other debris accumulating around your property. Ensure you’re picking up garbage and other waste that shows up.

Follow the above tips to help your lawn defend itself against summertime pests. If you’re having trouble keeping the squirmy and furry creatures away from your Georgia property this summer, hire TurfPride. We offer premier lawn insect services so that our clients can enjoy pest-free properties. You’ll be glad you did.