4 Ways To Protect Your Grass From Summer Lawn Stress

Summertime is rough for grass. High temperatures stress out vegetation, and the intense heat and lack of rain can make your grass brown and have a difficult time growing. Many homeowners don’t understand how to help their property in the summer. These four ideas will protect your grass from summer lawn stress.

Don’t Use Fertilizer

Fertilizing your lawn is a good idea, but not when you’re experiencing high heat. Grass consumes more energy than it produces during the summer months. Since fertilizer encourages growth, the grass will consume even more energy, causing it stress.

The best time to lay fertilizer is during the spring and fall. Avoid doing it during the summer to ensure a stress-free yard.

Avoid Overwatering

Some homeowners water their lawns daily, even after rainfall. This habit is a no-no in the summertime. Grass manages better with dry soil. Consistently wet soil can lead to problems in plants—they’re more susceptible to diseases. Moist soil deprives the roots of oxygen, which can kill the plant.

Grass yards only need one inch of moisture per week—that includes rainfall. Instead of daily watering, you should water occasionally and deeply. When you water deeply, you’re watering the entire root system. Watering sporadically means you’re only watering when the soil is dry.

Pro Watering Tips

Water early in the morning for your lawn to receive the full benefits.

Don’t Mow Too Short

Lengthy grass can survive longer in the summer sun than short grass. Cutting the yard too short limits its ability to produce growth energy. Follow the one-third rule when mowing the grass in the summer—don’t cut more than one-third of the grass blade height at a time. You’ll remove less plant tissue and allow the lawn to stay cool. Your yard will experience less stress and survive the summer thanks to this rule.

Contact Lawn Professionals

Professional lawn care companies, like TurfPride, can help tremendously. This is especially true when you don’t have the knowledge or time to care for your grass lawn. We offer customized lawn care for all our clients and provide you with the best-looking yard on the block! It will be green, healthy, and happy all year long. Our services will leave your neighbors jealous of your luscious lawn. The above ideas will protect your grass all summer. Refer to this blog any time you need!