5 Things To Know About Atlanta Lawn Aeration

Many people don’t understand the purpose of aerating a lawn, so we’re here to explain this process. Aerating your lawn introduces air into the earth, and it’s incredibly beneficial for all Atlanta properties. Here are five things to know about aeration for your lawn.

Fights the Growth of Weeds

Weed prevention doesn’t have to be difficult. One of the best ways to tackle the problem is by crowding them out. Healthy lawns have strong root systems that prevent weeds from invading. Be diligent by aerating your yard every year. Soon, you’ll see fewer invasive weeds growing in your yard each year, thanks to this process.

Preps Grass for Winter and Spring

Aeration ensures your grass is ready for winter dormancy. Pair it with fall fertilization for the perfect system. Aerating before fertilizing helps the nutrients sink further into the soil and effectively feed grassroots. This care will give your lawn the best chance to grow vibrantly and lusciously in the spring.

Professional lawn aeration services can do the job correctly. TurfPride offers amazing lawn services for the Atlanta area, and our skilled and experienced technicians will care for your property.

Builds a More Luscious Lawn

Is your lawn looking bare or full of bald spots? Aeration can build a thicker, more luscious lawn by stimulating growth and root development. Cool-season grasses require overseeding to thicken the yard and fill the bare spots. Overseeding pushes out the weeds that could pop up on your turf.

Aeration and overseeding enhance the seed-to-soil contact required for germination. They create a protected, moist environment prime for seedling development and growth.

Relieves Soil Compaction

Compacted soil stops fertilizer, air, and water from reaching the root system. This problem can lead to thin patches and bare spots. The aeration process decreases the soil density and relieves soil compaction.

Aeration Timing

Fall is the premier time to aerate your Atlanta lawn, but spring aeration can also be helpful. You have to watch out for soggy patches after rainy days in the springtime, as you could damage your property if you’re not careful. Wait for your yard to dry out before spring aeration.

When fall rolls around, your property will have kept the weeds away for the harvesting season. The warm ground creates ideal growing conditions for grass seeds. Talk with a local professional if you’re unsure when to aerate your lawn.

Great Atlanta yard care requires consistency and a strategy. Understanding lawn aeration will help you develop a well-laid plan. By following these tips, you’ll have the best-looking lawn on the block!