A Guide to Keeping Your Lawn Green This Summer

Reddish Brown Brick Luxury House with a Clean Yard LandscapeIn the summertime, it’s important to focus on caring for your lawn. There are unique challenges that can put stress on your grass, including pests, weeds, dry weather, and the very hot sun. Thankfully, there are some simple tasks that can make summer lawn care so much easier–with greener, fuller, more beautiful results. The best lawn care company in Atlanta can help ensure you don’t get a dry and unhealthy lawn this summer. Here are the services that lawn care professionals recommend.

About Lawn Aeration

Aerating your lawn is one of the best ways to keep your lawn healthy. And yet, most people assume that simple mowing and watering are all it takes to keep your grass thriving. Aerating your lawn is the process of using specialized tools to make small holes a few inches deep into the soil under your grass. The occasional, well-spaced hole in the soil is a great way to boost the health of grass roots, introduce moisture and oxygen to the soil, and give your lawn a surge of nutrients.

Loosening Soil

Aerating your lawn is primarily helpful for loosening the soil under your lawn, which may become compacted or dense and nutrient-poor. Just fertilizing and watering your lawn isn’t enough. If the soil is compacted, your grass roots–what absorbs water and nutrients–won’t receive what they need. Imagine spending money watering and fertilizing your lawn only for it to make very little difference! Aerating to loosen the soil may be necessary for grass roots to actually absorb the life-giving water, oxygen, and nutrients that they need. Your grass will be healthier and become visibly greener.

Helps Relieve Dry or Bare Spots

If you have dry, bare, dull, or dead spots in your lawn, this could be a sign that the soil is compacted in these areas and needs to be aerated. Hire lawn care services to professionally aerate your lawn, focusing on areas that are causing difficulty. A professional team can aerate safely, making deep and well-spaced holes that can effectively aerate the compacted soil. Once the soil quality improves, these dead or poor spots can finally grow green and even overtake the weeds that can handle poor soil.

Beneficial for Seeding

Seeding your lawn is also recommended in the late summer/fall for fescue grass. It encourages new, thick, and healthy growth. Before you seed your lawn, you should make sure to aerate. Aerating improves germination and prevents run-off, so the time and money that you invest in lawn seeding actually pay off. Both over and underwatering grass can kill new seeds. But thankfully, aerating your lawn improves moisture absorption, so your grass gets an even and healthy water supply. Even better, aerating makes this new and vulnerable grass more resilient against dryness, pests that eat grass, and turf diseases that can kill new growths.

So who should you trust with lawn aeration? Always call professional lawn care services. Trying to DIY aeration can be ineffective or even damaging to your turf. But when you trust experts in lawn service in Atlanta, such as TurfPride Lawncare, you get more effective results and healthier grass. If you want a greener, more resilient, and thicker lawn this summer, call TurfPride Lawncare today.