Aerate Your Lawn for the Start of Spring

Why is Spring Aeration Important?

Spring in Atlanta is a beautiful time for lawns, lawn care, and playing outside on your beautiful green grass. But, just when your Bermuda or Zoysia lawn starts to green up and look good again, an aerator runs over the whole thing—punching a million holes and leaving little dirt plugs that makes the lawn look less than appealing. Many people ask our technicians what the reason is behind aerating a lawn, especially when it makes it less appealing to use and enjoy in the short term.

For a simple explanation, here’s a quick metaphor of a similar idea when planting a garden or a lawn. A spring gardener spends a lot of time tilling and preparing the soil before planting the first seed. And the seed isn’t thrown in simply wherever, but placed in an area that has been prepared. If the seeds are just thrown on the untilled soil, the fertilizer and water will just wash to the sides, leaving the seed struggling to grow.

Aeration works similarly, doing for grass what the tiller does for the garden. When the aerator tines poke through the turf thatch to create spaces for air, water and fertilizer, they take all the good stuff right to the grass roots. And as a plus, the dirt plugs that are removed by the aerator will break down within a week adding a rich dirt mulch evenly across the lawn—the ultimate in sustainable practices!

The best times to aerate your Bermuda or Zoysia lawn is in the spring and early summer, when your lawn is growing and can handle the disruption of lawn aeration. During this time, the grass can heal and fill in the open areas faster. The best time to aerate during springtime is after rain fall, or when your lawn is well watered. This will make it easier to aerate. If you are trying to aerate a lawn that is dry, you’ll have an extremely tough time.

The best equipment for lawn aeration uses plug tine vs a spike. A spike aerator just pokes holes into the ground without releasing any plugs, which doesn’t work as well as a plug aerator. A plug aerator pulls small plugs of soil from the ground, which makes it easier for the grass to rejuvenate and become healthier. It also redistributes the layers of ground soil, making the soil a better candidate for healthy growth. Be sure to let the plugs dry after so that the dirt can distribute throughout the holes in the lawn, properly aerating the lawn.

If you invest in lawn care services, you obviously value a healthy green lawn. One of the best ways to make sure your Bermuda or Zoysia lawn is healthy and beautiful is to aerate it in the spring or early summer. Amplify the results of your lawncare program and maximize your investment with an annual aeration.

After, sit back, and enjoy your lawn this spring!