Common Lawn Weeds in Atlanta

Atlanta has plenty of sunshine and moisture throughout the year and hundreds of weeds that can create trouble for property owners. The good thing is that not all weed species are problematic and invasive. However, without a solid weed control program, dealing with any of them can be extremely challenging.

If you want a lush, green, and weed-free lawn, it is essential to learn how to identify all kinds of weeds.

Lawn Care Tips: How to Recognize Common Local Weeds

Proper lawn care requires professional knowledge and optimal timing. Below is a list of the most common lawn weeds in Atlanta every homeowner should know about.


Crabgrass looks familiar to many: it is a widespread weed in Atlanta and one of the worst offenders. This type of weed thrives in heat, and preventing it requires chemical treatment. If you want to keep it away from your lawn, you will need a preventative program to stop it before it becomes a problem.

Yellow Nutsedge

Yellow nutsedge is a summer annual weed with broad and pointy leaves. It is difficult to eradicate because of the tenacity of the plant. The only control solution for Yellow Nutsedge is regular application of weed control products by Turfpride Lawncare.


The clover is a charming weed but one that can quickly overtake your lush green grass. This weed type usually grows in patches and can invade your yard in a very short amount of time.

Despite what many homeowners think, controlling clover is not easy.  You will need to hire Turfpride to apply herbicide at just the right time to remove a clover infestation.

Annual Bluegrass

Despite its harmless looks and false name, the Annual Bluegrass is anything but annual and will re-seed without an annual preventative program.


Bermuda is a gorgeous type of grass found on many golf courses and residential lawns, but it is also a weed that can develop in your fescue lawn if left unchecked. Luckily, professional weed control companies can prevent the occurrence of this heat-loving enemy.

The best solution to avoid weed infestation is to hire professional weed control services and regularly fertilize your lawn. Need reliable lawn care or weed control service for your Atlanta property? At TurfPride Lawn Care, we offer many lawn care services to help prevent weeds from taking over your yard. We will apply appropriate herbicides, ensure that your grass is healthy, and complete preventative maintenance throughout all seasons.

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