Common Weeds You Might Find in Your Atlanta Lawn

Georgia lawns can see various weeds, and not all are invasive or terrible. But weeds can make it challenging to attain a lush, beautiful yard. Knowing which weeds you have growing in your yard can help you eradicate them and turn your yard into something you are proud of. Read on to learn more about the most common weeds you might find in your Atlanta lawn.


Annual bluegrass is a harmless weed that, despite its name, isn’t annual at all. It’s actually a perennial weed that will grow during any season. Bermuda grass seems to withstand this invasive species the best, but it’s not completely resistant to it. Some good elbow grease and preventative maintenance can help keep bluegrass at bay. If you spot this weed in your yard, remove it immediately.


You probably went around looking for four-leaf clovers as a kid, or maybe you still do today! Clovers are actually a weed that many homeowners will find on their Atlanta lawns. These weeds begin to become a nuisance when you’re caring for a yard.

Eliminating clover can be a headache. When pulling and removing the clover patches, ensure it doesn’t mix with the other grass clippings or compost. This weed will germinate, spread, and grow even after you cut it.


Crabgrass has been the long-standing arch-nemesis of homeowners everywhere. It’s an eye sore to look at, and it will grow under the worst conditions. Crabgrass will take up space in the property, and it will also pop up on driveways, walkways, and cement patios.

When removing crabgrass, you must pull up the entire weed: stem, roots, and all. Use mulch in your garden areas to help keep crabgrass from taking over. A pre-emergent can also help kill crabgrass seeds and prevent them from germinating. If you’re having trouble with crabgrass in your Atlanta yard, use lawn weed control services from TurfPride.

Yellow Nutsedge

Yellow nutsedge appears harmless, but it can be challenging to eliminate. The broad and pointy leaves look pretty and allow nutsedge to blend effortlessly with your Bermuda grass.

A pre-emergent is the best way to eradicate nutsedge from your yard. You can also use spot treating, but that’s time-consuming, and you could cause dead grass and brown spots.

What’s the ultimate weapon against these Atlanta lawn weeds? A strong, vibrant grass is the best defense your property has. Hire a lawn service company, such as TurfPride, to provide an excellent lawn foundation. The professionals will ensure your grass has deep roots to grow and thrive.