Controlling Weeds Over the Winter

Most people think that winter is the time they can sit back and let the lawncare duties pause until the warmer weather returns. However, for those who live in regions where winters are milder and there is little snow, winter is the best time to tackle weeds. Since summer grass goes dormant in cool weather, weed presence is even more noticeable on your lawn.

Spraying Herbicides

Herbicides to control weeds are used in the winter months just as they are used in the summer  months. While your grass is in its dormant phase, varieties of winter weeds thrive in cooler weather.  Turfpride Lawncare believes weed control is required all year long to maintain control of seasonal weeds. For example, Poa or annual bluegrass appears in the fall and shows up full blown in the spring just as your lawn is greening up.

Pulling Weeds

One might think the easiest way to get rid of weeds is to pull them as you see them. They are much easier to identify in the winter since they stick out like a sore thumb. However pulling weeds is only a temporary fix as they tend to re-grow and multiply. For effective weed control,  sign up for TurfPride’s Signature Lawncare Program and follow a program of preventing the weeds before they become a problem.  And if a weed escapes, our skilled technicians will monitor the weeds in your lawn and spray them accordingly.

Think Ahead to Next Winter

There are steps you can take even before winter hits to protect your grass. TurfPride’s Signature Lawncare program includes a pre-emergent on your lawn in the early winter. This can help prevent weeds from showing up by controlling the growth of the weeds before they become a problem.

Need Help with Your Lawn?

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