Deep Root Lawn Fertilization for Every Season

If you own a home in the Atlanta area, you have the somewhat unique problem of having to worry about the way your landscaping looks year round. Since Georgia has such a wonderful climate, it is important to understand when to aerate, fertilize, and cut your grass during each season, but it’s also critical to care for your landscape trees and shrubs. If you want to create an outdoor space, you and your family can enjoy year round—or almost year round—it’s important to take care of the lawn as well as the landscaping in and around it.

Landscape Care All Year Long

Ornamental plants need consistent nutrition and protection to thrive. This is why many lawn care companies provide year round monitoring and treatment of trees and shrubs. These programs include treatment for insects and disease and fertilizer treatments designed to protect, feed, and encourage the growth of your trees and shrubs.

Deep Root Fertilization

The best way to provide these vital nutrients to trees and shrubs isn’t through a surface application. Surface fertilization applications risk being washed off by rain or watering. Other times, the fertilizer granules aren’t broken down enough to actually dissolve into the root system. The best application method for getting nutrients directly to the center of the plant is to utilize injection equipment to carry nutrients to the root zone.  This process is known as a deep root fertilization treatment and requires specialized equipment and products to apply.

Deep root fertilizer treatments are typically provided in five or six week intervals in the spring and fall. The process is designed to protect and feed landscaping by providing the nutrients that strengthen the root systems of shrubs and trees and maximize their growth. The specially formulated fertilizer contains nitrogen, which helps green up plants; phosphorous, which helps roots develop; and potassium, which helps shrubs and trees maintain their hardiness no matter how cool or warm the temperatures. The fertilizer formula also contains micronutrients to give your plants an extra boost. Deep root fertilization in the spring can be used to protect against pests like Japanese Beetles, aphids, and other insects.

Care in Winter

Although not as pronounced as some areas of the country, there is a definite winter season in the Atlanta area. This is not the time to forget about your lawn! Hire an Atlanta lawncare services specialist to treat your shrubs and trees to keep them healthy all season long.