How Aeration Can Benefit Fescue Grass in Kennesaw, GA

Fall is the Time to Rescue Your Fescue!

Both fine fescue and tall fescue can be a great type of grass for your lawn! Types of fine fescue that are appropriate for lawns include creeping red fescue, chewings fescue, hard fescue and sheep fescue. The best part about fine fescue is that it can be beautiful both frequently mowed and even rarely mowed at all! Even tall fescue can go unmowed for up to a month – talk about minimal maintenance! However, to keep your Fescue green and healthy you have to  replenish the turf each year with  aeration and overseeding to add new plants and grow in bare areas left by drought, heat or disease.

What does aeration do?

Aeration induces holes into the lawn with hollow coring tines, these tines perforate the soil and remove small pads of dirt to allow air, water and fertilizer to access the grass roots. Aeration for fescue is always done in the fall in our area. Aeration enhances growth and  helps to sustain the health and beauty of your lawn. Since fescue grass is susceptible to brown patch, especially in humid climates, aeration can help to stimulate new plant growth and fill in dead areas caused by brown patch. Aeration promotes thicker, greener lawns and reduces compacted soil beneath them. If you need aeration and overseeding  services for your fescue lawn this fall, check us out at for more information on this service as well as fertilization and weed control  to keep your grass looking green and healthy!

What does overseeding do?

Overseeding is the process of spreading lawn seed over already planted grass. It is most effective when combined with an aeration to reduce compaction and provide holes for the seed to germinate. It is important to use clean, weed-free seed to keep from introducing new weeds to your lawn. Timing is everything with overseeding, for cool-season grass types, the best time to overseed is in the late summer to early fall, or 45 days before your first frost.


Overseeding and aeration are two tactics in which keep your lawn looking  healthy and vibrant green. They can benefit the health and growth of your lawn and prevent natural disturbances such as thinning and browning. Call us for more information at 770-590-7200.  But don’t wait too long- first frost in just around the corner in Atlanta.