How to Get Rid of a Lawn Full of Weeds

There’s nothing worse than looking outside on a beautiful day and seeing a lawn full of scraggly weeds. Where did they come from? Your grass was beautiful just yesterday, it seems. Weeds grow quickly and are very difficult to get rid of. Fortunately, with the right care, you can have a beautiful green yard that you’re proud to look at, enjoy, and show to others.


Are you ready to get rid of weeds once and for all? Let’s get started!

If You Have a Few Weeds

If you only have a few unwelcome visitors in your lawn, you may be able to dig them up yourself. You want to be careful and ensure you get the roots and everything else. If there are just a few dandelions or other weeds, digging them up shouldn’t damage your yard. Fill in where they were growing, and your grass will take over in no time. You won’t even know they were there!

If You’re Overrun with Weeds

On the other hand, you might have tons of weeds. Digging them up seems almost impossible, and if you succeeded you would have large bare patches in your yard. You can’t have that! Here’s what to do if there are a lot of weeds.

Determine What Weeds You Have

Take a look at the unwelcome plants and figure out what they are. They might have broad leaves, like clover or dandelions, or be more grassy, like wild garlic, crabgrass, or foxtail. Once you know what you’re facing, you can decide what the proper herbicide to use is.

Apply Treatment

Remember that herbicides kill any plants they contact, so be careful when you’re applying them. If your lawn is completely overrun, you may not have much grass to protect. However, it’s likely that you do have areas that aren’t as bad, so avoid using herbicides there. If you plan to restart your lawn from scratch and plant new grass, you won’t need to worry about protecting your existing grass or plants.

Rake, Till, and Aerate

Once the weeds die, you’ll need to rake them up. A tilling fork can help you get roots out of the soil, and aerating will help break up any remaining thatch so you’re ready to replant. Aeration will make it easier for your grass to access air, water, and nutrients from fertilizer.

Seed or Sod

With everything removed, it’s time to start again. You can plant grass seed or lay sod, whichever you prefer. Seed is less expensive and has more varieties available, but sod is an immediate beautiful lawn and you can lay it any time of year.

Need Help Getting Rid of Weeds?

If you’re tired of looking at weeds every day, we can help. At Turfpride, we know how important it is to have a beautiful yard you’re proud to use. There’s no reason to spend the time on getting rid of overgrown weeds when you can have a professional take care of it instead.

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