Protecting Your Investment

turfprideblogOwning a home is a great feeling. Knowing that you’ve saved and saved your paychecks and worked overtime to be able to call this place your home, you wouldn’t do anything to ruin that. It’s an investment—one that you wouldn’t dare to take advantage of. Like most homeowners, your house is accompanied by a beautiful lawn and landscape. There are trees, shrubs, flower gardens, and lush, green grass for the kids to play in. It’s everything you could’ve asked for and more. But you soon realize that in order to own a home you must take care of the yard as well. There are so many things that could damage your investment, such as weather and disease.

In our most recent ‘Ask Ron’ post, we talked about leaf spot disease and how it can affect your plants. Disease prevention is an important process when dealing with your home’s landscape. Fungicides can be applied to prevent any foliar diseases during the primary growing seasons. Lucky for you, our Signature Tree and Shrub Program includes disease prevention!

Insects can wreak havoc on your landscape as well. They burrow into trees, laying eggs and feeding. This can ultimately ruin the look and life of your plants. Your trees will end up looking sparse, bare, and just plain unsightly. There are different kinds of insects that can make your lawn their home, such as emerald ash borers, whiteflies, miners, Japanese beetles, weevils, and more. Every season brings its own hardships, whether that be insects, weather, or disease. Our experts have the experience and knowledge to inspect and manage the overall health and life of your home’s landscape.

Remember studying the periodic table in high school? Did you ever think that some of those elements are extremely important to the overall health of your lawn? Just like their importance in our everyday lives, nitrogen, phosphorus, and potassium are key components in keeping your grass lush. Nitrogen helps expedite the green-up process, phosphorus aids in root development, while potassium helps with cold and warm weather hardiness. Our specially formulated fertilization treatments include all three, as well as additional micronutrients for an extra boost!

Who else can provide year-round monitoring and treatment for insect and disease? We know that you lead a busy life, and there is just not enough time in the day for the care and attention that your lawn deserves. Nobody wants to be left with dwindling trees and shrubs, a patchy yard, and a poor-looking home. Protecting your investment is extremely important. And instead of looking for expensive ways to increase your property value, look no further than a great landscape! After all, despite the saying, “don’t judge a book by its cover,” one look at a poorly taken care of lawn and you’ll have your neighbors heading for the hills.

Our tree and shrub care treatments are scheduled at five to six week intervals to provide your ornamental plants with consistent nutrition and protection. The program is developed in conjunction with NC State, Clemson and UGA turf specialists, and are adjusted to address specific growing conditions of the Atlanta market. Don’t take our word for it—just look at any TurfPride-treated home!