Protecting Your Landscaping From Insects

We believe that quality landscaping can transform an ordinary property into a warm, inviting home. The truth is that it takes hard work to care for lawns and gardens correctly.


But even if you do everything right – fertilize regularly and cut the grass on schedule – insects and other pests can damage landscaping beneath the surface.


The good news is that you can protect your lawn, garden, and shrubbery from insects by following these simple words of advice.


What insects damage the landscaping most?

The following insects are notorious for eating away at lush landscaping faster than most homeowners think:


  • White grubs
  • Red ants
  • Worms


But what do they do to harm lawns and gardens?


White grubs

Also known as beetle larvae, white grubs are among the worst lawn pests we’ve come across. They feast on grassroots, which creates unsightly brown patches all over the lawn.


The result is that turf starts to break down and quickly lifts off the soil after rainstorms.


Red ants

The main problem with red ants is that they’ll damage landscaping gradually. The damage red ants cause may look cosmetic and relatively harmless, but it isn’t.


At first, you won’t notice any damage from the occasional ant hill, but underneath, ant nests can be enormous, loosening and sagging the soil. That’s because some ant species can build nests up to 25-feet deep and can be active for years unless appropriately eliminated.



There are dozens of worm species that can devour grassroots. Some do most of their damage at night; others thrive most during the prime growing season.


In our experience, a nasty worm infestation attracts other nuisances like bird flocks and burrowing animals that eat insects. What will happen is that birds may peck at the ground so much that it creates divots and holes in an otherwise healthy lawn.


How can you prevent insects from damaging your lawn and landscaping?

How to get rid of insects in lawn and landscaping takes time, but you can do it by yourself if you have the patience and the right equipment.


If you have an ant problem, the most logical way is to use ant poison products that are readily available at any hardware store. The drawback to the do-it-yourself approach is that you risk using the wrong amount of insect poison, which may severely affect a lawn’s health.


A professional lawn care service has the experience to know when enough is enough.


How can you keep insects out of a garden?

How to keep insects out of a garden is slightly different than protecting landscaping from pests.


The main thing to do is grow healthy plants because sickly vegetables and fruits attract nuisance bugs most. Some of our customers get by planting pest-resilient species and adding variety to the garden.


The general idea is to attract “good bugs” by building a micro-ecosystem.


Have insects already damaged your greenery? 

If so, we can help! At TurfPride Lawn Care, we want our customers to enjoy the peace of mind that crisp, green landscaping brings to a home.


We’re specialists in lawn care, including pest control.


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