See Our Checklist for Summer Lawn Care!

Every homeowner dreams of a beautiful, bright green lawn to increase their curb appeal. Plus, there is the added benefit of having a great surface to lounge and play on. This summer, don’t let your lawn get neglected. There are some simple things you can do to keep your lawn green and full all summer long. We have created a summer lawn-care checklist to keep you organized.


When your grass finally turns from brown to green, it’s time to fertilize. Depending on the kind of grass you have will determine the mix of fertilizer you should use. This is where the services of a professional can really pay off. Some lawns do better with high nitrogen mixes, and others like low-nitrogen mixes. Granular can be applied at certain times of the year and liquid at other times. Fertilizers need to be applied at regular intervals throughout the year to provide the nutrients that a green lawn requires.


Mowing in the summer is different than in early spring. You should raise the cutting height of your lawnmower to leave behind 2-3 inches of grass height behind. This will help the lawn survive through drought and heat. The taller blades of grass shade the soil better, reduce weeds, and slow evaporation. If the lawn is dry, don’t mow it yet because you can make it drier. Wait until it has rained or been watered.


A green lawn needs around 1 inch of water each week to develop deep roots. Wind and direct sun both increase moisture evaporation from the soil, so you may need to increase the watering depending on the weather. It’s best to water a half inch twice a week rather than a little bit every day. If you don’t know how much water you’re delivering, place a straight sided glass with a flat bottom on the lawn to measure. Then you’ll know how long to water each time. Watering overnight or early in the morning is best to prevent evaporation.

Lawn Check

Keep an eye on your lawn throughout the summer. Again, this is where a professional lawn care service can really pay off with regular applications of weed control. If there are brown circular patches in the lawn, then you may have a fungus that needs to be treated with a fungicide before it gets out of hand. Also keep an eye out for insects that can damage the lawn. Army worm is a particularly devastating insect for lawns in the Atlanta area and is best treated by a special insecticide sprayed on your entire lawn.

Following these simple lawn care tips will keep your lawn beautiful all summer. Give us a call at Turfpride and let us take the worry out of your lawncare this summer!