Services a Good Lawn Care Company Should Provide

Hand over green lush grass

If you’re looking for good lawn care in Atlanta, GA, you know there are plenty of lawn care companies to choose from. Unfortunately, not all lawn care companies are created equal. To find a good company, it’s important to read online reviews and ask trusted neighbors and friends. But a major determining factor should be the types of services the company offers.

Customized lawn care includes an analysis of your lawn to determine what type of soil is present, how dense the turf is, and what type of turf you have. It also takes into account the amount of sun and shade your lawn receives and detects the presence of weeds, disease, and insects. This helps the professionals determine the best care plan, which includes the following services:

Weed Control

In addition to identifying common grass weeds, such as crabgrass, dandelions, clover, and more, a good company can effectively treat these problems without damaging your turf. This ensures that all the water, sunlight, and nutrients are utilized by your grass rather than weeds.


Aeration is often done in the fall, but can be done in the spring depending on the type of turf. This service allows water to penetrate the ground more deeply so that the root system becomes stronger. Your turf will be less susceptible to drought, insects, and disease with regular aeration.

Disease Prevention

Diseases that cause brown patches and other problems can be prevented with regular care and preventive measures, such as fungicide. Professionals can identify these conditions early on to provide timely treatment.


Overseeding the lawn in the fall increases the thickness of the turf in the spring. Different turf types should be seeded at different times of the year, so be sure to contact the professionals to ensure proper seeding practices that will result in a strong root system and beautiful lawn.


All good lawn care programs will include fertilization as a service. As your lawn care specialist, Turfpride is no different. We will help ensure your fertilization is consistent with your lawn needs.