The Best Trees To Add to Your Atlanta Lawn

As you drive through many Atlanta neighborhoods, you’ll notice most of them have trees. Trees provide incredible shade during the hot summer months and add beautiful color. If you’re a homeowner in the area, you’re probably wondering what the best trees to plant in your Atlanta yard are. Continue reading to discover some quality options.

Trident Maple

A trident maple is a great tree to add to medium-sized yards. It’s full of texture and color everywhere you look. The dark green leaves turn deep red to bright yellow in the fall. One fabulous thing about trident maples is that their bark becomes richer in color as they age. You’ll discover gorgeous brown, silver, and orange details.

Many modern Atlanta lawns have trident maples in them. They’re easy to maintain, and you can prune them to be single- or multi-trunked. Consider planting tulips, snowdrops, or daffodils under your trident maple for the best look.

Crape Myrtle

Crape myrtle trees will add lots of vibrancy to any Atlanta yard. Plus, they’re low maintenance. The flowers bloom in tight clusters ranging from white and lavender to pink and red. This tree type has even earned the nickname “Lilac of the South.” What’s not to love? This tree is hardy, relatively free of pests and insects, and is good at handling droughts. You can decide whether to grow the crape myrtle as a shrub or tree. Either option will boost your Atlanta lawn’s appearance.

Peach Trees

It’s tough to resist growing a peach tree in your yard when you live in the Peach State. Imagine having fresh, juicy, ripe peaches all summer long right in your backyard. Atlanta has the right climate for this fruit tree to grow and thrive.

An important reminder about peach trees: you’ll have to wait two to four years for the tree to mature before you start seeing peaches. After this period, you’ll have delicious peaches during the growing season, typically from June to August.

Southern Live Oak

Did you know the Southern live oak has been Georgia’s state tree since 1937? This majestic tree is part of the red oak family and boasts a broad-spreading crown with enormous branches. It’s not a true evergreen, but it will keep its leaves until spring, when new ones appear. It can also tolerate drought and poor soil conditions. You can expect a glorious shady corner when you plant a Southern live oak in your yard.

Just ensure your yard is large enough to accommodate this large tree. You should consider a different tree if your property has limited space.

If you require help caring for these new trees in your Atlanta yard, contact TurfPride. Our incredible tree and shrub program will maintain and care for your trees with our expertise. We understand that tree and shrub care is intimidating, so we’re here to help.