The Importance of Aeration and Seeding for Fescue Lawns

A fescue grass lawn can make “going green” a whole lot easier because it stays green all year! That’s just one great thing about this practical and durable type of grass. Essentially, fescue grass can endure cold temperatures, and newer blends have even more highly durable traits making it a great choice for many ground covering uses. However, even the greatest grass seed won’t grow into a lush, green lawn without the proper care. Strategic, seasonal maintenance is very necessary. Lawn care professionals with the best lawn care programs in Atlanta know how to help you have a great lawn all year long. The following reasons explain why annual aeration and seeding, in particular, are so important for your Fescue lawn.  The Ravages of Summer

Summer is a great season of the year, but Atlanta weather extremes can be hard on fescue lawns. During this season dead spots, thin areas, and turf that is lackluster in appearance can make you long for the salad days back in spring when your lawn was vibrant and thriving. Fortunately, not only can you do something about it, but you can also ensure that when your lawn comes out of its dormancy next year it will be even more vibrant and green.

Fall Aeration and Seeding to the Rescue!

Late August through early October is a great time to revitalize your lawn with aeration and seeding. By doing so, you will ensure that your lawn is as lush and green as it can be throughout the fall and winter. Then, as spring rolls around, you will be that much ahead of the game for having the best lawn possible for the summer months.

The Importance of Aeration

A major boost of water, sun and nutrients need to reach the root system of your fescue lawn annually in order to grow healthy and vibrant for the rest of the year and to come out of dormancy in the spring raring to flourish for the warm months. Aeration is the process by which equipment is rolled over your lawn puncturing the soil in order for the roots to receive the access to the nutrients they need. Doing this helps reduce excessive thatch and helps prevent water run-off.

The Need for Overseeding

In addition to aeration, the practice of annual overseeding can further increase the success you’ll have in revitalizing your lawn in the fall. Seeding fills in barren spots and thickens up thin areas to create a stronger root system. Look for premium seed with Gold Tag Certification to make sure that you end up with quality fescue seed that has higher germination levels and is weed free.

Every homeowner wants a vibrant, green lawn, but having one requires a lot of expertise and know-how. Fortunately, top lawn care companies who know exactly how to create these perfect fescue lawns are available to help you create the lawn of your dreams.