The Importance of Spring Lawn Care in Atlanta

Many homeowners may think autumn lawn care is the most important, but spring is also vital. When temperatures rise, the trees, bushes, flowers, and grass come back to life after winter. If you wait until the summer, it’s too late. This blog will explore the importance of spring lawn care in Atlanta, along with a few tips.

Why Is Spring Lawn Care Important?

Atlanta experiences all four seasons, unlike other southern cities. Spring lawn care sets your lawn up for success for the rest of spring and summer. It gets your yard into optimal shape before the temperatures soar.

You’ll surely have a fresh, healthy-looking property when you use TurfPride Lawncare’s lawn care services during the spring. Our individual treatments use customized programs that will leave you with the best-looking lawn in the neighborhood. Your yard will be in prime condition to thrive during the warm months. You’ll be able to enjoy your lush, green lawn all season.

Spring Lawn Care Tips

Springtime is when your lawn is the most fragile and requires the most attention. These tips will help your yard remain strong and healthy all year.

Clean Up Debris

Walk around your yard and gather all the loose sticks, leaves, and other debris that has collected over the winter. Removing the debris encourages new growth, allows your lawn to breathe, and helps prevent disease. Plus, your property will look nicer without all the extra stuff lying around.

Fertilize Your Yard

During the spring, your lawn can use an extra boost of nutrients. Ensure you’re laying the correct fertilizer for your yard. Of course, you can always talk with a professional for fertilizer advice. They can also apply it for you. This tip saves you time and removes the guesswork.

Watch How Much You Water Your Lawn

The soil is still moist in the spring, but that doesn’t mean it won’t need watering. Avoid walking on the grass and using heavy lawn equipment because that can damage the soil. Watering your property too much can lead to pests, diseases, thick thatch, or shallow root growth. Talk with a professional to determine the best spring watering schedule for your lawn.

Closing Lawn Care Thoughts

Spring lawn care is important for the entire Atlanta area. Taking care of your lawn during this season sets your yard up for success. Use Turf Pride to handle your lawn care needs to ensure a healthy and happy property all year.