The Story of Lawn Care Regret

Turf PrideSo, let us start by saying, we’re pretty sure that every homeowner has experienced this before. This is just one take on the story of lawn care regret:

How It All Happened

Springtime is an exciting season for us southerners—we can tear off those jackets and put on our t-shirts again. The temperature has sprung back up to a comfortable 60 degrees. We are finally back to that southern weather flair! It is time to enjoy your lawn once more.

But, remember last year? When you tried to spray for weeds by yourself? Of course you do. When that bright, spring day in March came and you looked out your window, you saw dull, brown grass. You decided to go DIY on it.

You ran to the local superstore, made it all the way to the lawn department, and stood there for way longer than you should have with a glazed over look. A young teen came to your aid and recommended that you buy EXTRA STRENGTH MEGA WEED DESTROYER 1000—he had seen plenty of people purchasing it. And after going through two whole bottles of it on your one-acre yard, you realized that you probably should have left it up to the professionals. You saw the scorched earth of your mistake—your grass became dull and dry after all those chemicals. The use of too much nitrogen burned your lawn into remission. Not to mention all the physical labor you had to put into that horrible project!

Testing, Testing….1, 2, 3

Careful not to make that mistake again, you decide that this year you will erase the mistakes of your lawn care past. Break from your DIY chains and let us guide you in the right direction—the direction that leads you to carefree springtime fun with your family in your backyard.

Spring is the perfect time of year to have a soil test done on your lawn. Lower temperatures can bring your lawn’s pH levels down. If your soil turns out to be very acidic, it can lead to terrible conditions for your lawn and will make it hard for the grass to thrive.

A signature lawn care program can help you keep your lawn barbeque ready. This type of program is customized to your lawn—taking careful consideration of all the factors and possibilities that your yard encompasses, such as: type of turf, thatch level and turf density, soil types, shady vs. sunlit areas, presence of diseases, insects and weeds, and finally mowing and watering trends. By having eight individual treatments throughout the year, you will feel confident and happy that your lawn will consistently stay healthy. Don’t procrastinate—begin your yearly signature lawn care program as soon as possible to ensure that your yard is always looking its best.

Learn from the Rest

We want you to enjoy your lawn without having any worries in the world. Take it from the hundreds of people who regret their DIY lawn care past. Your family and pets will thank you and the curb appeal of your home will flourish. No more recommendations from superstore “experts”. Leave it to the professionals! Spring is all about outdoor playtime and March is the perfect season to begin your yearly signature lawn care program—tailored to the needs of you and your yard.