Tips for Preventing Lawn Disease

Lawn disease can be tricky to deal with. Susceptible lawn grasses that are faced with disease pathogens and ideal weather conditions for pathogen growth can turn brown quickly. While weather is out of your hands, growing strong grass as well as recognizing the signs of threat can help you keep your lawn green and healthy.

Preventing Disease

A consistent lawn program can help prevent and correct any diseases that your lawn may contract. These considerations help your lawn fight any fungal diseases and pathogens that may cause it to die.


Keep your grass well-fed by fertilizing the right amount. Under fertilizing can lead to malnourished lawns while over fertilizing can promote weak growth. Use premium products and feed your lawn regularly. This means going through and supplying fertilizer at least four times a year.


If you live in a dry area that requires you to water your lawn, make sure you are watering properly. This comes from watering deeply and only when needed. The best times to water your lawn are early in the morning. This gives your grass time to dry out throughout the day. Do not water frequently and limit this to once or twice a week.

Identifying Disease

Understanding what to look for can also save your grass. By knowing the signs of an infection, you can tackle a problem early on. One of the biggest signs is discoloration or a brown spot. This isn’t always attributed to pet waste so be sure to look into it carefully. Here are some signals you lawn may have a disease:

  • Dollar Spot: spots of brown grass throughout lawn shaped like silver dollars.
  • Brown Patch: areas of brown grass surrounded by smoky colored grass.
  • Leaf Spot: spots on individual blades of grass that makes the grass look gray and presents as red or purple spots on the blades.
  • Mildew: white film over grass.
  • Blight: slimy brown or white patches or dead grass.

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