Top Summer Threats to Your Lawn

Litter on lawn

Any qualified lawn care companies in Atlanta can tell you that keeping your grass green and lush throughout the entire summer isn’t always a walk in the park. You have to really know how to best take care of your landscape in order to keep it looking good, especially during the hotter months of the year. With that in mind, here are some of the threats to your lawn and landscape you should be hyperaware of this year and in the future.


If you have a dog, make sure that you’re picking up after him regularly. If dog waste is allowed to stay on the grass, it can easily and quickly kill the grass underneath and give you some yellow or dead spots underneath when you do get around to cleaning it. Even spots where the dog is urinating will show dead spots of grass. Dilute these areas when possible with lots of water. Better yet, create an area free of grass where Rover can do his business.


For the same reasons you want to keep dog waste off your lawn, you want to keep litter away. Leaving kids’ toys out or garbage on the lawn can create dead spots. It can also create more obstacles that make mowing the lawn and maintaining it a little extra difficult.

Dogs playing in damaged yard


If you think grass grows quicker in the summer, imagine how fast those weeds are going to spread! It’s important to stay on top of weeds and will be easier to get rid of them the more frequently you’re able to take care of this task. Talk to a lawn care specialist about the best types of products to use to get rid of weeds and keep them gone as long as you can.


You know that mowing is an essential part of having a lawn. You can’t have it overgrown or it becomes a hazard and doesn’t look that great to boot. But, cutting your grass too frequently or mowing it too short can also present major problems. A lawn care company can help guide you with how often and how tall to mow your grass or create a landscape maintenance program to do the work for you.

Even if you live in a humid area that gets a lot of moisture that is great for your grass, these things can still be major problems if you’re not on top of it. A lawn care specialist in Atlanta is a great person to contact about ways to keep your lawn in tiptop shape throughout the summer season.