When to Overseed Your Lawn This Year

Watching a lawn grow is easily one of the most satisfying things one can witness. Having a thick, lush lawn isn’t as difficult as people think and doesn’t have to be labor intensive.

Armed with the right information, one can figure out the most appropriate time to overseed your lawn each year, how to select the best seeds, and look after them as they grow.

The following are some tips and information to have before overseeding your lawn –

Timing Matters

When is the best time to overseed your lawn? Well, grass tends to grow faster and stronger when the time of sowing aligns with the seeds’ natural period of active growth.

Just as any other type of plant, grasses have their growth patterns and cycles, as well as climate preferences.

As such, it’s important to do some research regarding the species of grass you intend to grow in your lawns, to determine the best season to sow them.

When is the Best Time to Overseed Your Lawn?

Fescue grass seeds thrive best when sown in the late summer and early fall because there is less competition from weeds. If you have Bermuda or Zoysia grass, those are both sod grasses, and overseeding is not needed at any point throughout the year. However, they both require aeration.

Never overseed Fescue in the spring or summer as the weather will be too hot and dry to support the process.

Overseeding Versus Aeration –

  • While Fescue lawns require overseeding, Bermuda and Zoysia grass both require aeration.
    • Fescue overseeding is done in the late summer and fall or between August-November. This is dependent on the fall temperatures.
    • Aeration of Bermuda and Zoysia lawns is done between May-June.

Choosing the Seed

When sowing seeds for your Fescue lawn, it’s important to choose healthy seeds to have a lush, healthy lawn. Begin by consulting with Turfpride Lawncare on the seed mixture that is most suitable for your lawn.

Turfpride will recommend the seeds that match your climate and yard’s sun exposure. Additionally, they will consider the amount of moisture your lawn will get.

Lawn Care Tips

Caring for your lawn is easily the most tedious task of them all but also the most satisfying part of owning a home. As the overseed process starts to create a lush, thick, and healthy lawn, it will solidify the need for continuous lawn care from Turfpride.

  • Weed the area regularly and keep it watered during dry periods. Even when it’s not dry, make it a point to water your newly seeded lawn frequently.
  • Mow the grass when it gets to about 4 inches tall. This improves its appearance and also helps you get rid of the weeds growing there. This helps to keep the lawn healthy.
  • Once the seeds germinate, preferably before it starts raining, fertilize your lawn.

At TurfPride Lawncare, we offer expert lawn care services to homeowners and commercial clients. We offer a variety of services to keep your lawn looking great year-round from Overseeding, Turf, and Tree and Shrub Programs all dedicated to building the best lawn possible for our clients.

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