Why and How to Invest in Overseeding

Achieving healthy, green grass can seem like an impossible task. People in movies and TV shows have perfect grass in front of their large and peaceful homes; why is it so difficult for us in real life? Why does your neighbor–whom you never see out in their yard–have lovely grass when you work hard for yours only to achieve inferior results? How the heck does it thrive in nature when you cannot even get it to grow well in your controlled environment?

The truth is that growing a beautiful lawn is a process very similar to living a healthy lifestyle. To be its healthiest, it has to enjoy a perfectly balanced environment with the right about of moisture, temperature, and nutrients with adjustments along the way for the inevitable seasonal disturbances. Of course, every type of grass has its own rules to follow. If you do not meet its exact needs, you will see brown spots and thing patchy areas begin to take over. The only solution is annual overseeding for fescue lawns!

What Is Overseeding?

Overseeding is a scientifically based, experience-realized method for creating the optimal yard year-round. It might sound like an experiment, but golf courses and homeowners have been using this process for many years. It is as simple as spreading a high quality weedfree grass seed over an existing yard, creating new growth in the existing turf.

What Are Its Benefits?

That’s easy! Overseeding a fescue lawn gives you green, perfect grass year-round! Any flaws in the existing turf–too thin, too patchy, very thirsty, hates cold, dries up, etc.–are compensated for by the flourishing blades of new grasses! The result is a lawn that stays healthy year-round.

How Does It Work?

A lawncare professional, with seasoned grass expertise, is best suited to recommend which species of grass seed would create the best combination for the best results. Prices will likely be based on your property’s needs and size.  Timing for overseeding is in the fall from late August to early October to ensure germination before the end of the growing season.

Before overseeding, you will need to cut your lawn very short so that the seeds can reach the soil rather than sit on the blades and dry up. The experts will use a seed-spreading device–something like a handheld mower–to blend the seed mixture delicately and plant it evenly.

Last, the lawn will need to be watered and, depending on your specific yard and the work performed, the professional will suggest a specific plan of care, like avoiding mowing until the grass reaches a certain height, watering more often, etc.

Beginning the Process

Getting started is simple. You can quickly contact a lawn care company like ours that offers overseeding services, request a quote, and have your lawn assessed by a specialist, who can then begin the rewarding process of transforming your Atlanta yard from dull and patchy to flawlessly green, healthy year-round, approachably soft, and the envy of the neighborhood, if not the whole town!