Custom Lawn Care in Kennesaw, GA

Are you ready for a gorgeous lawn that will turn heads? At TurfPride Lawncare, we specialize in providing custom lawn care for our customers in Kennesaw as well as the Greater Atlanta area. We’ll make your lawn look more beautiful.

Our Specialized Lawn Care Services

We provide the following services.

  • Weed control: If left, weeds will crowd out your plants, competing for nutrients, sunlight, and water. We’ll make sure this doesn’t happen with our specialized weed control methods.
  • Aeration: When done in the fall and spring, aeration will help your turf’s deep root system to thrive.
  • Fertilization: Our fertilization will help your lawn to grow thicker and greener, guaranteed. Fertilization will also give turf a boost against weed invasion and will help your yard to recover from environmental damages.
  • Pest Control: With our insecticides, we’ll protect your lawn from dangerous pests that would cause damage.
  • Overseeding: In order to avoid having balding or thin spots in your lawn, we recommend overseeding in the fall. This will create thick, lush turf come spring time.

We also offer disease prevention, diagnostic services, and more. Whatever your lawn’s specific needs, we’ll take care of it.

Don’t wait; give us a call today to schedule your custom lawncare program!