Preparing Your Fall Lawn for a Spring Green-Up

Are you already dreaming about a gorgeous lawn come springtime? Maybe you’ll plant a few tulips, or set up a game of crochet out front. The possibilities are endless! Well, we’re going to let you in on a little secret: you don’t have to wait until next spring to start taking steps towards making your lawn look fantastic – you can do it right now! In order to help you achieve the lawn of your dreams, we’ve compiled a few “Spring Green-Up” methods that we swear by here at TurfPride.

 Always Rake Those Leaves!

Raking leaves has become a cherished fall tradition. Parents and children run outside in cozy sweaters, rake the array of colorful, crisp leaves into a pile, and take turns running and jumping into the massive leaf collection. However, raking leaves is so much more than a seasonal activity, it’s crucial to maintaining a healthy lawn! As leaves pile up in the fall, they collect moisture and may even attract wild critters. These same leaves can build up and compress over time, forming a thick layer that acts as a barrier between the sun and your lawn. This barrier blocks water, nutrients and a healthy air flow from reaching the root system of your grass, which prevents the grass from going through photosynthesis (the process of converting sunlight into usable energy). Even a thin layer of leaves can stifle your lawn from becoming fresh, healthy, and green in the springtime. So, grab those fuzzy sweaters, a couple of rakes, and enjoy some family time outside while you set your lawn up for springtime success!

Help Your Lawn GROW with Fertilizer!

 The best time to fertilize your lawn is in the cooler seasons, like the fall. Why? The grass grows slower in the cooler weather but the roots still grow at a steady rate. Commercial grade fertilizer provides nutrients that are needed for root growth and spring green-up.  It is also incredibly important to keep the climate and geography of where you live in mind when fertilizing your lawn. Lawns in climates that are cooler will require different treatment programs than those in climates that tend to be warmer – like Atlanta. It’s important to work with professionals who know your area, and know exactly how to design a lawn fertilization plan that takes climate and geography into account!

Lime…the Secret Ingredient!

What do you use limes for? Salsa, shrimp, maybe even a margarita (or two). Have you ever considered the concept of using lime on your lawn?! It’s true. Lime is the secret ingredient to creating and maintaining a luscious lawn.

The fall application of lime is like a multi-vitamin for your soil, because it improves the ability to take up nutrients and allows plants to use the nutrients more efficiently. The best time to apply lime to your grass is in the fall. This way your lawn has all winter to soak up the nutrients so it’s ready to rock-and-roll as spring approaches.

To apply the lime, you can use a drop-style or rotary spreader and spread the lime over the grass in a repetitive ‘crisscross’ pattern. Make sure to do one layer horizontally and one layer vertically. If you have yet to plant the grass, you could even apply the lime before planting new grass. We’ve spent years perfecting this method here at TurfPride, and we’re proud to include it in our Signature Lawncare Program!

Protect Your Lawn from Weeds

Have you ever experienced an influx of weeds in your lawn that seemed to pop up overnight? Unfortunately, weeds spread incredibly quickly if given the opportunity, and can wreak absolute havoc on your lawn! So, what should you do?? Take action before the weeds know what hit them. Apply weed control in the fall, long before the invasion of spring weeds starts to hit. This application of products keeps those aggressive weeds from emerging when spring finally rolls around.


At TurfPride, we believe that lawns need TLC too! As you can see, a little bit of extra lawn love in the fall goes a long way!

 Our Signature Lawncare Program

If you need assistance, give us a call and ask us about our Signature Lawncare Program. We’d love to speak with you in further detail so we can thoroughly meet your needs. We can’t wait to hear from you!